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What is Glucomannan?

All ZenPasta products are based on a soluble fibre extracted from the root of the Konjac plant. The scientific name of this fibre is glucomannan. This fibre is well known for its weight-loss properties, because it does not provide any net calorie to our body. However several other health benefits come from the consumption of this fibre.

Cholesterol reduction

Everyone knows that high blood cholesterol levels are dangerous for the health of our blood vessels and significantly increase the risk of heart attacks. This is why several universities have performed studies on the effect of regular glucomannan intake. Several studies have shown that an amount of 4g of glucomannan per day, for only 4 weeks lead to a 10% reduction of blood cholesterol levels and 23% reduction of triglycerides.

Below are some examples of these studies:

Improvement of constipation

Another proven benefit of glucomannan is reduction of constipation and increase of bowel movement. This is due to the water absorption and typical high viscosity of this fibre, that lead to an increase of fecal mass and ease of transit through your intestin. This has been proven also on children and during pregnancy, where other therapies could have side-effects.

Below are some examples of these studies:


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